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First... Are We a Good Fit?

We equip motivated Christian couples

with a practical approach

to get on the same page

and work together

so that they can build unity,

lead their family well,

and actually enjoy being married! 

If you...

are an entrepreneur, homeschooler, are or want to be organized, want to raise productive members of society, work with your spouse, are kinda crunchy, work from home, have a large family, want to do life together, and/or are goal setters…

But most importantly, you simply want to make the most of your time here on earth… then you’ll fit right in!  

Membership Programs

A great place to get started is by working on yourself. 

So when you’re ready to start making some real progress, join us inside one of our membership program:

Inside, you’ll receive access to The ORDER Method Training along with weekly hot seat sessions to help you tackle any problem.

Private Coaching

And for those of you who are ready for real-life transformation and want to get there quick, we have a program to meet you right where you’re at.

Contact us if you are interested in more information on either of these programs.

We also offer Intensive Coaching and Custom Coaching Packages. 

Our Core Values