Each Tuesday, we share a short piece of insight plus a practical download for you to help implement the lesson into your life.  

These videos are LIVE on the Rooted & Fruitful Facebook Page every Tuesday at 6:30pm Mountain Time.

Teaching Tuesdays | 004 Habit Builder

Habits are the best way to make things happen in your life. Whether you're breaking old habits or building new ones, they play a huge part in who you become. FREE DOWNLOAD included.
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Teaching Tuesdays | 003 Do Life At Home

The "Do Life At Home Bundle" will help you layout clear expectations so that the whole family is on the same page!
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Teaching Tuesdays | 002 Ways to Connect With Your Spouse at Home

Many of you are finding that you have a little extra time at home with your family. We're here to help you make some of that time spent with your spouse a little more intentional and a little more fun. Free Download Included that includes 49 ways to connect with your spouse at home!
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Teaching Tuesdays | 001 Communication in Marriage

Communication is one of the biggest issues we hear about, so we're taking some time to share 5 ways to improve this important area in your marriage! Free Download Included.
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