Do you ever get that feeling of contentment and joy with certain things in your life?  You did the research, you saved your cash, and you purchased something that was the perfect fit.  

Every time you use it, you are reminded of how well it meets the needs of you and/or your family.  You take good care of it because you are grateful for it.  It will last a long time and be a blessing.  

We’re not encouraging you to idolize your things.  We are, of course, better off storing up treasures in heaven than here on earth.  However, as long as our eyes are on God first, there is nothing wrong with appreciating the gifts he brings us.  

Below are some of the tools, resources, and forms of entertainment that we believe to be a huge blessing in our lives. 


Also, many, but not all of the items listed include affiliate links.  This means that if you do purchase an item we share, we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  We only share products that we use ourselves and truly believe in.  Thank you for supporting Rooted & Fruitful through your purchases.