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Living Life to The Fullest,

Rooted in Christ.

Rooted & Fruitful is here to equip you


with the information and tools you need


to take the next step on your journey, 


Rooted in Christ and


enjoying the fruitful life He has promised. 

I have come so that you may have life and have it in abundance.

John 10:10

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Cure for the Common Family

We love helping other families become the best version of themselves as they can be.

The process can be daunting, sometimes to the point of paralysis, however, we’ve learned to keep things simple to start, then build on that.  

Through candid, easy to learn processes, we’ve been able to mold our life around God’s word, keeping each other accountable to our actions, thoughts, and motives. 

Not through intimidation or fear, rather in love and grace…

Let love and faithfulness never leave you, bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.

Proverbs 3:3 

Rooted & Fruitful offers inspiration, information, and insight

via video, audio, and text so that you are able to use

what works best for you and your family.


We share with you how we’ve learned to create a life we love. 


To serve each other with an outstanding attitude,

to lead well in your families,

to manage your things and tasks joyfully. 

What We Believe.

We are called to put God first, our spouse second, kids third, others fourth, ourselves last.
Although this does not mean disregarding necessary self-care.  Self-care done right is honoring to God and required to be a good steward of the body you have been given.  

The husband is the head of the family.
This means that not only does he have the ultimate authority but also the ultimate responsibility for himself and his family.  

As parents, we are 100% responsible for the upbringing of our children. 
This does not mean that you have to homeschool, but it can be a lot easier to do when you are your kids’ sole caregiver.  Whether you homeschool or not, you need to be aware of everything that is going on in your children’s’ lives and oftentimes spend a lot of effort to “undo” what they learn when they are in the world without you. 

Our God is an orderly God
Having order in our own life is God-honoring and allows us to have the time and resources to do His will.

Living a Life Of...

Christian Living

Prioritizing Marriage

Good Stewardship

Legacy Building

Proactive Parenting

Forward Thinking

Husband-Led Family


Natural Living


Who Are We?

We’re The Comstock’s! 

We (Kevin & Christy) have been married since August 2005.

Originally from Michigan, we moved across the country to Colorado just 9 months after our wedding.  

We then started our first business (landscape company) and got pregnant with our first child within another year.  

After giving birth to Harbor (our oldest), we knew Christy needed to be home full time… and that we wanted more babies!  

By the grace of God, we have remained self-employed all these years and we have been able to the sole caregivers to our children.  

We have gone through more than our fair share of trials.  

We have endured through a difficult marriage, financial struggles, health issues, the loss of our farm, and being homeless not just once, but twice.  

God has used so many hard situations to draw us closer to Him and to each other.  As challenging as they have been, we wouldn’t trade the lessons He has taught us for anything.  

We currently have 7 kids and we homeschool.  

Harbor, Greyson, Asher, Lynden, Elias, Zayden, and Breslyn (ages 11 down to 11 months) are just as passionate about the mission of Rooted & Fruitful as we are.  

They love serving others and understand the importance of what we do.  

We enjoy most outdoor activities where we can do things together.

Camping, hiking, and as our kids get older, we are able to experience more adventure together.  

The older kids help fulfill our commitment to order and good stewardship by maintaining a well-kept and managed home. 

They also help with keeping healthy, homemade meals on the table and learn many valuable life-skills that will get them off to a good start in their adulthood.  

The little ones are still learning to love, share and forgive.

Our goal is to live life to glorify God and further His Kingdom as a family.

The education, health, and growth of each of us is important to be Christ-centered and be aligned under His word and His will.  

Our dream is to eventually own a farm again and go back to raising our own “beyond organic” food.  We love the lifestyle and the experience that comes from working outside and with livestock.  

But we hope to spend some time traveling first.  

God has placed it on our heart to take Rooted & Fruitful across the country and share it with as many families that will listen.  

We see a broken society that we currently live in.  We want better for our children and we are willing to do something about it.  

Our prayer is that God erupts a movement that shakes our nation.  

More About Kevin

I love dirt because God made us from it. 


Raised in Michigan, loving outdoors enough landed me marrying an outdoor girl and moved to Colorado.


I didn’t go to college, hit the streets running.


I love Jesus,

my family

and learning more about how I can be great.


My mind wanders but my heart is focused…


I don’t know what my personality type is.


I love everything outdoors, literally everything.


My family is important to me,

I love my queen,

my little knights and princesses. 


7 is good but 8 could be great 😉


My favorite things are food,






I don’t mind trying new things,


The next step in life for me is to build something great that will outlast me.

More About Christy

I love Jesus,

having a large family,


being a mompreneur,

living in Colorado,

and doing our best to live a natural/crunchy lifestyle.


I grew up in Michigan and have always been an animal lover.

I went to Michigan State to become a vet and somehow ended up an accountant.


I might be a little obsessed with





bags, bins, and Fiestaware.


I love fall… and Christmas, and winter, and spring, and Christmas, and summer.


I hate crowds.


I’m a recovering overachiever.


I don’t wear makeup…

and only cut my hair every 2-3 years.


I appreciate high quality and value outstanding customer service.


I’m an INTJ,

an Enneagram Type 1 (The Reformer),

my spiritual gifts are discernment, leadership, and administration,

and I’ll take a DEEP conversation over any other human interaction every day of the week.